• Different definitions

    Different definitions


    Different definitions Definition 1: A conductor made of one or more insulated conductors and an outer sheathed insulating sheath that transmits power or information from one place to another. Definition 2: A rope-like cable is usually made by twisting several or several sets of wires (at least two in each group). Each set of wires is insulated from each other and often twists around a center. Ther...

  • Cable crimping and welding process

    Cable crimping and welding process


    welding First, peel the skin Stripping wire insulation can be chemical, thermal or mechanical. Requirements: 1. The conductor's cut plane is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the wire. 2. All strands have the same length. 3. The wire is not scratched, scratched, broken, flattened or otherwise damaged. 4. The incisions of the processed insulation skin are neat, without any puncture, stretch...

  • Cable project can be divided into several projects?

    Cable project can be divided into several projects?


    (1) Site transportation: including the loading and unloading, transportation and empty return of construction materials from the warehouse to the construction site. (2) Local Engineering: Including pavement excavation, tunnel and trench construction. (3) Laying project: including laying, the first production, lift cover, buried pipe, school tide, traction head production. (4) Both ends of the proj...

  • Classification and Usage of Communication Cable

    Classification and Usage of Communication Cable


    The purpose of the communication cable is to form the transmission of information channels, forming a communication network extending in all directions. Communication cables can be classified according to the laying and operating conditions, the spectrum of transmission, the structure of the cable core, the insulating material and the insulating structure, and the type of covering. According to la...

  • Basics Knowledge of China Electric Cable

    Basics Knowledge of China Electric Cable


    China Electric Cable refers to the material used for power, communications and related transmission purposes. There are no strict boundaries between "wire" and "cable." Usually the number of cores is small, the product diameter is small, simple structure of the product called the wire, there is no insulation called the bare wire, the other known as the electric cable; conductor cross-sectional are...

  • Conductors Selection for Communication Cable

    Conductors Selection for Communication Cable


    Wires require high electrical conductivity, and should be flexible and have sufficient mechanical strength, but also to facilitate the welding performance. Electrolytic copper has such a feature, it is the main cable core wire material. Copper wires used in Communication Cable require very smooth, crack-free, glitch-free and generally require no solder joints, although this is often not easy to do...

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