7 Types Of Cables For Industrial Applications


There are seven types of cables for industrial applicat […]

There are seven types of cables for industrial applications.

1. PVC cable – solid and economical

PVC Cable is the most common type of cable used today and consists of a chemical compound called Poly Vinyl Chloride. If a fire occurs, burning PVC Cable can emit large quantities of dense black toxic smoke, and significant amounts of hydrochloric acid.

Typical application: food industry

2. PUR cable – durable and highly flexible

A PUR cable is a flexible, silicone- and halogen-free cable with PUR outer sheath polypropylene conductor insulation. It is oil and flame resistant and can be used in dragchain applications with minimal bend radius.

Typical applications: machine tool manufacturing, plant engineering, assembly lines, production lines

3. PUR U cable – highly flexible with UL approval

Drag chains, swivels, rotary tables… whenever operating conditions are particularly harsh, these highly flexible cables with PUR U sheathing offer a solution. In addition to their very high mechanical strength and resistance to oil, they are also highly flame resistant.

Typical applications: machine tool manufacturing, plant engineering, assembly lines, production lines

4. PUR A – resistant to welding sparks

PUR A sheathing cables are an alternative to irradiated PUR cables. Along with mechanical strength and resistance to chemicals and oil, they are flame-retardant and resistant to welding sparks. This makes them ideal for use in the automotive industry. In addition to their resilient build, they are also easier to recycle than irradiated sheathings.

Typical application: automotive industry

5. POC cable – specifically for welding areas

Power on Cable (PoC). Single Port Remote Power Control for mission critical devices. When cables in your application are exposed to occasional welding sparks, or located in immediate vicinity of welding processes, POC sheathed cables are the right choice. With their extreme mechanical strength, a thermal resistance of 150 °C continuous operating temperature, and the ability to even withstand hot welding slag, they can be used in areas where other cable types would succumb to the heat.

Typical applications: automotive industry, weld cell, steel industries

6. STOOW cable – designed for the American market

As a heavy-duty PVC compound, STOOW offers heavy gauge conductors and a durable outer jacket for the automotive industry. Resistance to chemical agents and oil combines with a rating of up to 600 V and availability with 7/8 inch connectors for AC sensor connectivity.

Typical application: automotive industry

7. PUR OD cable sheathing – for tough outdoor applications

PUR OD cables are very robust and can be used at a wide range of temperatures from -50 °C to +105 °C. They are resistant to UV light, sea water, oil, and diesel. With high mechanical strength and flame resistance, these UL approved cables are suitable for almost any challenging outdoor applications. They are used predominantly in the mobile equipment field.

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