Aluminum line advantages and disadvantages


Aluminum line advantages and disadvantages: (1) Cheaper […]

Aluminum line advantages and disadvantages:

(1) Cheaper prices: Copper rods are 3.5 times the price of aluminum rods, and copper is 3.3 times that of aluminum. Therefore, aluminum wire cables are much cheaper than copper wire cables and are suitable for low-capital projects or temporary power consumption.

(2) The cable is very light: The weight of the aluminum cable is 40% of the copper cable, and the construction and transportation cost is low.

(3) Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion: Aluminum reacts with oxygen in air to form an oxide film, which can prevent further oxidation. Therefore, aluminum wire is a must for high-voltage, large-section, large-span overhead transmission, but The advantages of low-voltage lines no longer exist.

Disadvantages of aluminum wire:

Aluminum wire has low electrical conductivity, large electrical loss, poor tensile strength, low corrosion resistance, and the joint is particularly susceptible to oxidation. If it is connected to a copper wire, the joint may be prone to corrosion due to the potential difference, which may easily lead to fault evaluation. . These are relative to the use of low-voltage lines, but the advantage of aluminum lines on high-voltage lines is also very obvious, we must figure out that this can not be asserted. Contact