Basics Knowledge of China Electric Cable


China Electric Cable refers to the material used for po […]

China Electric Cable refers to the material used for power, communications and related transmission purposes. There are no strict boundaries between "wire" and "cable." Usually the number of cores is small, the product diameter is small, simple structure of the product called the wire, there is no insulation called the bare wire, the other known as the electric cable; conductor cross-sectional area larger (greater than 6 square mm) is called a large wire, Small (less than or equal to 6 square mm) is called a small wire, also known as insulated wire cloth wire.

Bare wire and bare conductor products are not insulated, there is no sheath conductive wire, including bare single wire, bare wire and profile wire three series. Copper and aluminum single wire: Including soft copper single wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, aluminum wire. Mainly used for a variety of wire and electric cable semi-products, a small amount for communication wire and electrical appliances manufacturing. Bare stranded wire: Includes TJ, LJ, LHAJ and LGJ. It is mainly used for overhead laying. Soft copper wire (TJR), soft aluminum wire (LJR), mainly used for electrical equipment and electronic appliances or components of the connection. The above specifications of various strands from 1.0 ~ 300mm2 range. Among them, the specification of LGJ is indicated by the nominal aluminum cross section / nominal steel cross section, which is the most commonly used wire on the distribution line. The larger the cross section of the steel core, the higher the strength of the wire Ordinary ACSR, there are ACSR, ACSR ACSR, ACSR anti-corrosion, expansion by ACSR, times the capacity of wire, gap-type wire.

Electric cable products used to transmit and distribute high-power electric power in trunk lines of power systems, including various voltage levels and various insulated power cables of 1 ~ 330kV and above.

The main features of these products are: squeezing (wrapping) the insulation layer outside the conductor, twisting a few cores (corresponding to the phase, neutral and ground of the power system) and adding a sheath layer such as plastic / rubber sheathed wire and electric cable . The main technology has drawing, stranding, insulation extrusion (around the package), a cable, armor, jacket extrusion, a variety of different combinations of products have a certain difference. Contact