Briefly describe the process of 10KV cross-linked cable heat-shrinking to make indoor terminal heads?


Answer: (1) Preparation stage: Check whether the heat-s […]


(1) Preparation stage: Check whether the heat-shrinkable cable accessories are complete, whether the models match, check and confirm the cable with moisture, and check the cables.

(2) Cut off the excess cable and determine the cable length according to the site conditions.

(3) Stripping the sheath.

(4) Solder the grounding wire and weld the grounding wire to the steel strip.

(5) Fill the three forks and wrap the sealant.

(6) Install the three-core branch sheath, put the sheath into the root, and start to shrink from the middle, first to the root, then to the finger.

(7) Stripping the copper strip and the outer semi-conductive layer, peeling off the copper strip of the three-core branch sleeve 20mm or more, it is strictly forbidden to damage the main insulation and remove the semi-conductive layer.

(8) Install the stress tube, and the sleeve part of the nozzle end is heat-shrinked after docking.

(9) Install the terminal block.

(10) Install the insulation tube.

(11) Install the sealing tube.

(12) Install the color tube after the nuclear phase. Contact