Cable laying method


The laying methods of the cable include direct burial l […]

The laying methods of the cable include direct burial laying, pipe laying, shallow groove laying, cable trench laying, cable tunnel laying, and overhead laying. In terms of skill comparison, cable tunneling methods and cable trenching methods are the best method of laying, as these two methods facilitate cable construction, maintenance and repair. In some developed cities, when planning and building cities, they have thought about sharing tunnels. Practice has proved that the shared tunnel operation is outstanding, which greatly reduces the number of repeated investment and repeated excavation of the road surface, but the initial investment is endless.

At home, this method of laying is rare due to various factors. In contrast, direct burial and shallow trough laying are attributed to the economical laying method, but it is not conducive to the maintenance and repair of the cable. Once the cable is faulty, even if the tester is used to detect the problem, the cable trench should be dug out from the head. Very inconvenient. Therefore, the selection of the cable laying method should be based on the actual conditions, based on the engineering conditions, environmental characteristics, cable type and quantity, etc., and the development of the vision, in accordance with satisfactory operational reliability, easy maintenance requirements and skills and economical and reasonable criteria. Contact