Cable project can be divided into several projects?


(1) Site transportation: including the loading and unlo […]

(1) Site transportation: including the loading and unloading, transportation and empty return of construction materials from the warehouse to the construction site.
(2) Local Engineering: Including pavement excavation, tunnel and trench construction.
(3) Laying project: including laying, the first production, lift cover, buried pipe, school tide, traction head production.
(4) Both ends of the project: including support, suspension bridge and its foundation production and installation, the first terminal production, installation of oil pressure and signal devices, a variety of electrical performance tests.
(5) Stop the project: including oil-filled cable stop the first production, fuel tank, automatic drainage and signal installation and so on.
(6) Grounding Engineering: Including insulation connector, replacement box, protector, grounding box installation and so on. Contact