Circuit construction cable necessary knowledge


Circuit construction process: According to the design r […]

Circuit construction process:

According to the design requirements put line → circuit budget → open digging dark trough and wall through hole → pipe gauge cutting → pipe support bracket installation → water pipe pre-installation → formal installation and fixation → test water, pressure.

Circuit construction precautions:

1. Circuit construction Confirm the line of the circuit that is expected to be modified.

2. After the confirmation of the bouncy line, the water and electricity confirmation slip will be signed, and the budget for the circuit (strong and weak power) reform will be calculated, and the customer will sign and confirm it.

3. After the circuit reconstruction plan is confirmed, it will be grooved along the line with the marble machine.

4. Record the insulation resistance value after the circuit construction is completed.

5, the circuit pipeline is fixed every 40cm plus a clip, on both sides of the elbow 100mm to 150mm fixed a clip.

6, the circuit line head connection unified use terminal connection.

7. Flame retardant hoses must be used for the lamp line in the ceiling lighting.

8. Uniformly use wire protection caps for all exposed wires to protect against electrical shock. Contact