Circuit construction process introduction


Interpretation of 1 and 4F (4 effective preventions): ( […]

Interpretation of 1 and 4F (4 effective preventions):

(1) Slotting is shallow, and it is a secondary reform project to effectively prevent the cutting off of the reinforcing steel home improvement engineering circuit construction. The circuit construction should minimize the damage to the main structure of the building, and it should reach the proprietary single-tube single-line pipe laying construction technology. As the diameter of single pipe is small, each line is laid side by side and the wall surface is slotted shallowly, which effectively prevents the risk of cutting off the main structural steel bars of the wall, and solves the biggest problem in the home improvement circuit reconstruction in the industry. It also solves the problem that the sheath line is buried directly. , it is difficult to draw lines, change the problem.

(2) Single-tube and single-wire construction process. Only one wire is used for each tube to effectively prevent the short circuit between the wires in the tube and effectively prevent the occurrence of knots, twisted or dead knots in the wires in the pipeline.

(3) Pipelines are identified with the same color to prevent phase line connection errors; Kuda developed a proprietary PVC flame-retardant line with red line for phase, blue for line, yellow for ground, and white for switching circuits Branch line. Pipeline color identification effectively prevents connection errors. Red is the phase line:

2. Innovative construction technology:

The home improvement circuit construction transformation 4F class single pipe single line laying process is the advanced construction process and the latest construction method in the home improvement circuit transformation.

3, saving construction process:

Due to the single-tube single-wire laying process, whether it is a PVC flame-retardant tube or a galvanized wire tube, its small diameter and fine diameter can save raw materials, lower the cost, and make the price more reasonable.

4, intuitive effect:

Helps consumers to directly inspect, because the 4F-level single-tube single-line laying process of the line pipe itself has a color recognition function, to facilitate direct consumer inspection, blue PVC flame retardant box, distribution box outlets are equipped with separate The line seals are marked with "+", "-", "=", and "G" respectively to indicate phase, neutral, ground, and switch circuit branch lines, which are beneficial to the maintenance and repair of future wire lines. Contact