Common mistakes when purchasing copper cable


First, the copper wire cable is cheap. This is a relati […]

First, the copper wire cable is cheap.

This is a relatively common misunderstanding of a considerable number of users, even some companies using copper cable. In order to save money and neglect safety, some users select low-quality copper core cables with low price, no guarantee of quality and large accidents. We know that due to the safety of copper core cable and other factors, the price of copper core cable can not meet the requirements of some users.

However, some individual and private enterprises are unable to manufacture wire and cable that meets the requirements of national standards in terms of material selection, production processes, testing methods, etc., and its safety cannot be guaranteed, coupled with making a fuss on short-small and small meters, at a low price. Flooding the market and catering to some users. Therefore, users are kindly requested not to greet the cheap wire and cable.

Second, the model is not properly selected.

Some users do not know enough about their own electrical appliance requirements and environmental conditions. They do not know enough about the scope, requirements, and performance of copper core cable models. For example, the pre-furnace slag truck of a steelmaking plant, its power is a motor, the temperature in front of the furnace is as high as 800 ° C ~ 900 ° C, under such environmental conditions, because of the factory's special requirements for wire and cable Nothing to know, so the general-purpose rubber sheathed soft cable is used to charge the YC type. As a result, the use time is short and the sheath is scorched, which not only affects production but also wastes economy.

In some important departments, high-rise buildings, computing centers, chemical industry, public entertainment places, and personnel concentration, fire-retardant or fire-resistant cables with fire-fighting functions must be used; the coal department requires that cables used in deep wells in coal mines must be flame-retardant; There are also special performance requirements such as elevator cables, electric welder cables, and motor lead wires.

So how can you identify and purchase qualified products? First of all, pay attention to the choice of copper core cable model; secondly, pay attention to the copper core cable specification is also the choice of conductor cross section. For the model selection problem, the purchaser is generally required to first consider and analyze the use, laying conditions and safety of the copper core cable of this batch. Contact