Composition of Communication Cable Lines


Communication Cable line by the cable, cable accessorie […]

Communication Cable line by the cable, cable accessories and line buildings and other components. Cable is the main part of the line, used to connect the enhancement station and enhancement station (terminal station), telephone station and telephone station, telephone station and user to communicate the communication between the two places. It consists of a number of mutually insulated wire, installed in a metal or plastic sheath, used to transmit electrical signals of a device. Due to different uses and installation locations, there are many different types of cables in terms of structure, specifications, etc. to meet different requirements.

Cable accessories are used to connect and terminate the cable, or scattered users together devices, is the line of ancillary equipment. Such as the continued casing, sub-boxes (boxes) and the transfer box, grounding devices, lightning protection, anti-corrosion facilities, pressure maintenance systems and so on. Line buildings are used to support and protect cables and installation accessories such as cable ducts, manholes, man wells, underground cable houses, water cabins and cable posts, routing posts and retaining walls.

Communication cable lines are responsible for communicating long-range communications and therefore must meet some basic requirements. These requirements are: to have the widest possible transmission band for multiplexing. The attenuation of the line should be minimized to the extent possible so that there is a greater distance between the two augmentation stations. With minimal interference and distortion in the transmission band, with steady growth and reliable communications under all circumstances. The propagation speed of electromagnetic waves in the line should be the maximum, in order to make the trunk have the maximum communication distance.

Communication cables consist of single or multiple insulated conductors in a flexible jacket. In order to eliminate mutual interference between the circuits, the insulated wires need to be twisted into groups, and these groups are placed in the sheath in a certain way. Therefore, the main components constituting the cables are wires, insulation layers, sheaths and sheaths.

The conductive core wire of the communication cable forms a double wire pair for transmitting signals after being insulated. In order to reduce the mutual influence between the circuits, the insulated core wire is twisted according to a certain rule. Then the total stranding of the cable. Cable twisted into groups of ways: the twisted pair, Twisted Star two. At present, the use of twisted pair cable, long-distance communications cable Star twist. Contact