Different definitions


Different definitions Definition 1: A conductor made of […]

Different definitions

Definition 1: A conductor made of one or more insulated conductors and an outer sheathed insulating sheath that transmits power or information from one place to another.

Definition 2: A rope-like cable is usually made by twisting several or several sets of wires (at least two in each group). Each set of wires is insulated from each other and often twists around a center. There is a highly insulating cover. The cable has the characteristics of internal energization and external insulation.


Cables include power cables, control cables, compensation cables, shielded cables, high-temperature cables, computer cables, signal cables, coaxial cables, fire-resistant cables, marine cables, mining cables, and aluminum alloy cables. They are composed of single or multi-stranded wires and insulating layers for connecting circuits, electrical appliances, etc.

The cables can be classified into DC cables and AC cables according to the system of the photovoltaic power station. They are classified according to their different uses and environments:

1. DC cable

(1) A series cable between components and components.
(2) Parallel cables between strings and their strings to DC distribution boxes (confluence boxes).
(3) The cable between the DC distribution box and the inverter.

The above cables are all DC cables. They are laid outdoors in large quantities and need to be protected from moisture, sunlight, cold, heat, and UV rays. In some special circumstances, they must also be protected against acids and alkalis.

2. AC cable

(1) Connecting cable from inverter to step-up transformer.
(2) Connecting cable for step-up transformer to power distribution unit.
(3) The connection cable from the power distribution unit to the grid or user.

This part of the cable is an AC load cable, and there are many indoor installations. It can be selected according to the general power cable selection requirements.

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