Different Material of Speaker Cable


Copper wire. And the best is to use oxygen-free copper […]

Copper wire. And the best is to use oxygen-free copper and long grain copper or even single crystal copper material to reduce the impedance. TPC electrolytic copper is the original material for making copper materials. Separated from the electrolytic copper purity of about 99.99%, that is, we say OFC oxygen-free copper, also known as 4N copper. Further decomposition of more than 99.99% purity Hi-OFC high conductivity oxygen-free copper, effectively improve the conductivity. Finally machined and heat treated to make PCOCC monocrystalline oxygen-free copper and PSC solid smooth copper. Is the best sound wire. The purity of copper here refers to the purity of copper rods, generally more than 99.99% with the usual method has been unable to measure.

Silver is also our common wire conductive material. The electrical conductivity of silver slightly better than copper, but because silver is more expensive and the skin is more obvious than the copper, it is usually silver material in the high-frequency line. Silver wire belongs to high-end audio wire.

Copper alloy. That is, copper, silver, zinc alloy, commonly known as brass. This is a less commonly used conductor material. Its tone and traditional copper are very different, for some equipment is very suitable,

For some equipment is not suitable. Generally speaking, this kind of wire is suitable for equipment that requires high pitch. Currently in foreign high-grade wire is more popular. Generally not very long distance home use good results. As the treble bright, good effect in the home theater. Coupled with the processing technology is relatively easy, is the market more promotion of the product. Some manufacturers in the copper alloy flaunt joined the silver, in fact, most are commercial speculation, the quality of the wire did not help, but increased impedance, but the hardness of the wire increased, in general, it makes no sense. Speaker Cable from http://www.china-cables.net/

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