Electric Cable is Power cable


Power cables are cables designed to transmit electrical […]

Power cables are cables designed to transmit electrical power. Physically, they are Electric Cable constructed of two or more electrical conductors with a covering.

According to NEMA, they are mainly employed in the electric utility, industrial and commercial markets. These cables are available in very diverse constructions, materials, and ratings to meet the needs of a very wide range of applications. They are uses in mining, lighting, sprinkler, thermostat, and welding applications, just to name a few.

Portable cable, also called portable cord, is designed for temporary power supply applications, rather than for permanent installations. This cable is often referred to as “service cord” when supplying electricity to motors or appliances. Other, non-portable power supply cables may be installed permanently in buildings as overhead wiring, exposed wiring, or in direct burial applications to provide long-term electrical service.

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