Flame Retardant Materials of Electric Cable


Flame retardant properties of Electric Cable materials […]

Flame retardant properties of Electric Cable materials is an important indicator of the current large amount of fire retardant electric cable is halogen and phosphorus series of two series of flame retardants. Halogen flame retardants release toxic fumes when burned, easily suffocating and affecting fire fighting. Halogen-free low-smoke flame-retardant electric cable materials in recent years developed rapidly varieties, in line with IEC 60092-359 standard thermoplastic materials have been more and more widely used. With the increasing demand for electric cables used in oil platforms, nuclear power plants, ships and other hostile environments, the application range of cross-linked halogen-free low-smoke electric cable materials will become larger and larger.

Although halogen-free low-smoke electric cable materials that meet the IEC standards and MIL standards have obvious advantages, the high prices make users hesitate when selecting them. Therefore, foreign companies are investing heavily in the development of low-cost halogen-free cables smoke cable varieties, to meet the needs of different occasions. It is based on the further modification of the base material, with CaCO3 as the main filler to dilute the polyolefin, thereby reducing the heat released per unit of combustion, to ensure a certain degree of flame retardancy, while its good process characteristics and heat resistance It is also the advantages of low-cost varieties.

After years of development, has developed a number of excellent performance of halogen-free flame retardant smoke products. A3X2 red phosphorus flame retardant; Magshield UF ultrafine composite magnesium hydroxide; boron composite low smoke flame retardant; Mg (OH) 2 and MgCO3 compound smoke and flame retardants. These new products can replace halogen flame retardants, and has a good flame retardant effect, and lower smoke.

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