Manufacturing Process of Electric Cable


Wire and Electric Cable manufacturing involves a wide r […]

Wire and Electric Cable manufacturing involves a wide range of processes, from non-ferrous metal smelting and pressure processing, to plastics, rubber, paint and other chemical technology; fiber materials around the package, weaving and other textile technology, metal materials to the package and the metal strip Vertical package, welding metal forming process and so on. Various materials used in the manufacture of wire and cable, not only categories, varieties, specifications and more, and a large number. Therefore, the amount of various materials, spare capacity, batch cycle and batch must be approved. At the same time, the decomposition of waste treatment, recycling, reuse and waste disposal, as an important part of management, material rationing and management, emphasis on conservation. Wire and electric cable production, raw materials and various auxiliary materials from the out, storage, process flow of semi-finished products to the product storage, factory, material flow, we must rationalize the layout and dynamic management.

Wire and electric cable manufacturing Use of special production equipment with the characteristics of the industry process to meet the structural requirements of cable products, performance requirements to meet the large-scale continuous and high-speed production as possible to form a special cable manufacturing equipment. Such as extrusion machine series, drawing machine series, stranding machine series, around charter series. Wire and cable manufacturing process and the development of special equipment is closely related to each other to promote. New technology requirements, promote the emergence and development of new special equipment; In turn, the development of new special equipment, but also to promote the promotion and application of new technology. Such as drawing, annealing, extrusion line in tandem; physical foam production lines and other special equipment to promote the development of wire and cable manufacturing process and improve and improve the electric cable product quality and production efficiency.

For multi-core cable in order to ensure the molding degree, reducing the cable shape, generally need to be twisted into a circle. Stranding mechanism and conductor stranded similar, due to the larger diameter of the stranded section, most of the non-use anti-twist way. Cable into the technical requirements: First, to eliminate shaped insulated wire core turns caused by the cable twist; the second is to prevent the insulation is scratched. Most of the wire in the electric cable at the same time with the completion of the other two processes: one is filled, to ensure cable integrity and stability after cable; one is bound to ensure that the cable core is not loose. Contact