• How to distinguish between

    How to distinguish between "national standard" and "non-standard" of wire and cable?


    It is recommended that you look at it, two tests, three weighs, four price, five copper, six quality tests, and six strokes. A look: look at the wire and cable products with or without quality system certification, see if the certificate is standardized, see if there is a factory name, site, inspection chapter, production date, and see if the trademark is printed on the wire, specifications, volta...

  • Cable laying method

    Cable laying method


    The laying methods of the cable include direct burial laying, pipe laying, shallow groove laying, cable trench laying, cable tunnel laying, and overhead laying. In terms of skill comparison, cable tunneling methods and cable trenching methods are the best method of laying, as these two methods facilitate cable construction, maintenance and repair. In some developed cities, when planning and buildi...

  • The difference between YJV cable and VV cable

    The difference between YJV cable and VV cable


    YJV and VV are two cables with different insulation materials. Generally, indoor permanent projects tend to choose YJV cables. VV cables are generally used in low voltage systems, and YJV cables are mostly used in high voltage systems. YJV cables are superior to VV cables in temperature resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. Just the price is more expensive. YJV—copper core XLPE...

  • How to distinguish between flame retardant and fire resistance of cables?

    How to distinguish between flame retardant and fire resistance of cables?


    Some electrical designers have unclear the concept of flame-retardant cables and fire-resistant cables, and do not understand the structure and characteristics of the two, resulting in the inability to properly design and select these two cables according to the power supply requirements, and design agents or supervision work on site. The installation of these two cables cannot be properly guided....

  • Electrical performance test

    Electrical performance test


    There are main conductor DC resistance, insulation resistance, finished voltage test and insulated core voltage test. Each item is very important. The conductor resistance directly reflects the electrical transmission performance of the wire and cable, which directly affects the temperature and life of the wire and cable during power-on operation.voltage drop, and operational safety, it mainly exa...

  • Wire and cable products are mainly divided into five categories:

    Wire and cable products are mainly divided into five categories:


    1. Bare wire and bare conductor products The main features of this product are: pure conductor metal, no insulation and sheath layer, such as steel core aluminum stranded wire, copper-aluminum busbar, electric locomotive line, etc.; processing technology is mainly pressure processing, such as smelting, rolling, pulling System, stranding/tightening stranding, etc.; products are mainly used in subur...

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