PVC Cable Insulation Material in Electric Wire


PVC insulation material is added in the PVC powder stab […]

PVC insulation material is added in the PVC powder stabilizer, plasticizers, flame retardants, lubricants and other additives mixture. For different applications and different characteristics of wire and cable needs, the formula to make the appropriate adjustments. After decades of production and use, the current PVC manufacturing and processing technology has been very mature. PVC insulation materials in the field of electric wire and cable has a very wide range of applications, and has its own distinct characteristics:

Manufacturing technology is mature, easy to shape and manufacturing. Compared with other types of cable insulation materials, not only low cost, in the electric wire surface color, optical dumbness, printing, processing efficiency, hardness, conductor adhesion, the wire itself mechanical and physical properties and electrical properties can be Effective control.

Has a very good flame retardant properties, so PVC insulated wire easily reach all levels of standard flame retardant.

Due to the large amount of chlorine contained, burning a large amount of smoke will suffocate, affect visibility, and produce some carcinogens and HCl gas, causing serious environmental damage. With the development of low-smoke halogen-free insulation material manufacturing technology, the gradual replacement of PVC insulation has become an inevitable trend of cable development. At present, a number of influential and socially responsible enterprises, in the company's technical standards clearly put forward alternative PVC materials schedule.

However, with its excellent processing performance and low cost. PVC Cable in the household appliances, lighting, mechanical equipment, instrumentation, network communications, building wiring and other fields are still widely used.

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