Some Common Electrical Wire Questions


Doing the wiring yourself can be tricky. Especially whe […]

Doing the wiring yourself can be tricky. Especially when you lack knowledge and experience. The problem is, you can't do a trial and error handling when dealing with wires. Mistakes can bring you a fortune or even your life. That's why you have to ask some wire questions to make sure you know what you're doing before you start your own electrical repair. One of the things about wires is that the wires are usually color-coded. So it's actually easier to know which is which. Below are the most common wire problems, and their answers usually contain colors that help you identify each wire.

One of the most common wire problems is how to connect the switch. While it's easy to use a switch at home, wiring may not be that easy for everyone. A switch is actually very simple. There are different types of switches, but in this example, suppose you are installing a single bar switch, a very common switch (and the simplest switch).

A typical single lever switch has three colors: black, white and green. Connect the black wires to two and connect them to the terminal screw - one on top and the other on the bottom screw of the switch. The white line is a source of uninterrupted power, usually connected to a light-colored terminal screw. , silver). Connect the green line to the ground screw on your switch.

These are the most common reasons for wiring problems. First, a lot of people think it's easy, two, it's a common electrical task at home. But, to save money, you shouldn't put your safety in your goals. If you're trying to save money and do an electrical wiring job without enough knowledge or experience, the risk is much greater. The article from Contact