Some Items You Should Know About Speaker Cable


The ancient view of television quality has been raging […]

The ancient view of television quality has been raging between enthusiasts since dawn. Some people think that the quality of the speaker cable is as important as the quality of the Hi-Fi components they are connected to. Other enthusiasts save their cash to buy budget cables and claim that they have no effect on sound quality.

So instead of pounding our nose between these two opposing camps and risking the risk of entering the ongoing battle, let us avoid the intense quarrel, but provide an overview of the terms of the speaker cable and give Some useful tips, how to buy your own.

The speaker cable is a wire for electrical connection between the speaker and the amplifier source. It has three key electrical characteristics: resistance, capacitance and inductance. Resistance is by far the most important property. The low resistance line allows more power to pass through the speaker coil, which means more power and more sound. Simple enough

In general, when the resistance is greater than 5% of the speaker impedance, the resistance begins to affect the performance of the speaker. The resistance is affected by two key aspects of wire length and wire cross-sectional area. The shorter the wire, the smaller the resistance. The trick here is to minimize the length of the wire, but still be able to ensure that the speakers are separated. It is also important that the two speakers have the same wire length to ensure that they all have equal impedance values.

The cross-sectional area of the wire is the thickness or size of the wire. The thicker the wire or the smaller the size, the smaller the resistance. Therefore, it is a combination of speaker impedance, length and specification that affects the resistance. The following table describes the recommended cable length, which will ensure that your cable has a resistance of less than 5% of the nominal impedance of the loudspeaker at different ranges. The article from Contact