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Your system will benefit greatly from a speaker cable u […]

Your system will benefit greatly from a speaker cable upgrade. Switching to higher quality materials and construction, along with moving upward a couple of gauges, will guarantee your audio reproduction is the best it can be. You've spent a lot of money on electronic components and speakers, so don't cut corners now!

Our speaker cables are available in a wide range of lengths, wire gauge, and connector termination. Choose from 1/4" plugs, Speakon, banana, and all of the various combinations of these. Whether you are connecting pro loudspeakers for a concert PA sound system, or putting the finishing touches on a high fidelity home audio setup, Parts Express supplies the speaker cables you need.

Speaker cables at parts express

How to Use the Guide

Step 1

Select the appropriate speaker impedance column.

Step 2

Select the appropriate power loss column deemed to be acceptable.

Step 3

Select the applicable wire guage size and follow the row over to the columns determined in steps one and two. The number listed is the

maximum cable run length.


The maximum run for 12 AWG in a 4 Ohm speaker system with 11% or .5 dB loss is 140 ft.

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