Tensile wear-resistant gantry cable


Model: Gantry crane cable Cable application Reel Cable: […]

Model: Gantry crane cable

Cable application

Reel Cable: Suitable for large-scale lifting appliances, tower cranes, stackers and reclaimers, gantry cranes, cranes, portals, bridges, cantilever-type cranes, rocker cranes, quay cranes, dumpers, bucket wheelers, reels, transports Machines, conveyors, harvesters, mobile cranes, overhead cranes, electric scrapers and cables for all kinds of large-scale mobile equipment, reel cables can also be used as reels and towing cables in the drag chain system, reel cables The flat cable carries out the exhibition movement with the guide of the trailing axle or other similar devices.

Cable performance

This product has a series of excellent properties such as high tensile strength, bending resistance, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, core wire is not easy to break, and the sheath does not crack. According to the customer's requirements, the cable can be used to design built-in metal or non-metallic pull-resistant bending conductors, which can replace traditional ordinary cables, professional design concepts, special materials, and special production processes to meet customers' various use environments. The service life is similar to that of rubber cable. 2-3 times.

Product Features

High flexibility, tensile strength, wear resistance, oil resistance, bending resistance, UV protection

Solved the horizontal longitudinal cracking, easy breaking,

A series of performance problems such as easy to age, the service life is more than 3 times.

Cable structure

Standard: German VDE

Conductor: 99.9999% annealed oxygen-free fine copper wire fine twisted

Insulation: Special Nitrile Composite PVC Elastomer

Filling: high-grade polyester-cotton, special ribs, sheathed soft steel wire

Sheath: imported special nitrile compound PVC elastomer

Technical Parameters

Temperature range: -20°C to +80°C
Bend radius: 8.0× cable outer diameter
Operating voltage: 450/750V, 600/1000V
Simple cable specification:
3X4mm 3X6mm 3X10mm 3X35mm 3x50mm 3X70mm 3x150mm
3X4+2x1mm 3X6+2x1mm 3X6+2x1.5mm 6X2.5+6x1.5mm
3X4+4x2.5mm 3X25+1x10mm 3X16+1x10mm 3X35+1x10mm
3X50+1x10mm 3X16+1x10mm 3X10+1x6mm 3X4+1x2.5mm

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