Things You Need to Know Before Buying Speaker Cables


No matter whether you are new to the world of home ente […]

No matter whether you are new to the world of home entertainment and are just setting up your first system or whether you are a veteran, it is vitally important to choose the right type of speaker cables so that you can get the very best performance from your equipment. Even 'cheap' home entertainment devices are relatively expensive, so it makes no sense to scrimp and save on something as important as cabling. Having said that, you shouldn't just throw your money at the most expensive speaker cable you can find - remember that the price tag doesn't always reflect the quality of the cable!

Connectors such as banana plugs and spade terminals can be attached to the end of the cable to make it easier to connect it to the source device and speaker. There are some purists out there who argue that attaching any kind of connector will degrade the signal, if only by a small amount. They prefer to simply trim the bare end of the cable every so often to remove any corrosion and ensure a clean, fresh connection. If you plug and unplug your cables regularly then connectors make the task so much easier, and to be honest, the majority of people wouldn't be able to tell the difference in terms of performance between a bare cable and one that uses a connector.

Many of the top speaker cable brands are associated with fairly high price tags, but paying more doesn't necessarily mean that you are getting a product that performs better. Some of the more economical brands can perform just as well, in fact there are a lot of enthusiasts who refuse to pay extra for fancy packaging and fashionable names and instead buy their cable by the foot from industrial sized spools. The key thing to remember is to do your homework. Don't just opt for the speaker cable with the slickest marketing campaign, and don't be fooled into paying extra for the latest brand name. Instead, make your decision based on performance and go for the cable that is best suited to your personal needs and requirements. Contact