What are the installation steps for indoor and outdoor prefabricated terminals?


Answer: (1) Place the cable in place according to the p […]


(1) Place the cable in place according to the predetermined position, fix and clean the surface, and peel off the outer sheath according to the instructions. If there is special need, the outer sheath stripping length can be adjusted, and the copper strip and the outer sheath are respectively led out. 2 sets of ground wire.

(2) Take the required size from the outer sheath opening, cut off the excess cable, insert the heat-shrinking three-finger sleeve to the root of the three-pronged mouth and heat it up by the middle, and measure the specified size from the upper mouth of the finger sleeve (35kv is 350~380mm) ). Remove the excess copper strip (retain 20mm), then retain the predetermined position of the semiconductor, and crimp the outlet terminal seal.

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