What are the requirements for fire protection for cable holes?


Answer: For larger cable through holes, such as cables […]

Answer: For larger cable through holes, such as cables running through the floor, etc., when using fireproof blocking materials, according to the actual situation, first apply four to six layers of fireproof coating on the cable surface, the length is about 1.5m below the hole, and then The refractory material is processed into a fireproof blocking material with a certain strength, which ensures the sealing is firm and easy to disassemble when the cable is replaced, and the sealing is dense and non-porous to effectively block the smoke and block the fire.

What inspections should be noted before the torch is ignited?

A: The following checks should be performed:

(1) Whether the pump leaks oil or seeps oil, whether there is oil leakage or gas leakage at the oil drum and nozzle;

(2) Whether the oil in the oil drum exceeds 3/4 of the capacity of the oil drum, and whether the screw plug of the oil is tightened.

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