What is the difference between wire VVR and RVV?


The voltage level is not the same. RVV rated voltage 30 […]

The voltage level is not the same.

RVV rated voltage 300/500V soft wire, cable conductor section is generally between 0.5-2.5, the number of core cable 2-5 core, the implementation of the national standard GB/T 5023-2008 standard manufacturing.

VVR generally has a voltage level of 0.6/1kV, which is the same as the VV structure. The conductor cross section is from 1.5-630mm2, and the number of cable cores is 1-5. The manufacturing standard reference is GB/T 12706-2008.

VVR flexible cable introduction
VVR is a copper core PVC insulated and sheathed soft structure power cable cable with a voltage rating of 0.6/1KV. The diameter of each copper wire is about 0.2-0.3mm, and the number of wires is relatively large, so it is relatively soft and is suitable for power cords that are often moved.

[RVV wire] full name: copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed cord, also known as light PVC sheathed cord, commonly known as soft sheath line, is a sheath line. The two letters V represent the insulating and sheathing materials are polyvinyl chloride. RVV wire is the most commonly used cable for weak current system. Its core number is indefinite, two or more, with PVC sheath outside, the number of cores is from 2 cores to 24 cores in accordance with the national standard color separation, two cores or more twisted into the cable There is no special requirement for the arrangement of the outer layers to be twisted between the right cores.

[Main purpose] Used in electrical appliances, instruments and electronic equipment and automatic generation devices with power lines, control lines and signal transmission lines, specifically for anti-theft alarm systems, building intercom systems, instruments, meters, monitoring and control of the installation.

Among them, the copper (aluminum) core PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable (RVV wire) is an important member of the power cable, so it belongs to the power cable (force cable) series.

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