What is Welding Cable and Its Application


Welders define a welding cable as a cable used for the […]

Welders define a welding cable as a cable used for the secondary circuit of a welding machine.1 Solder cables typically consist of a single, thinned wire that ranges in size from 8 AWG to 500 kcmil and have an operating temperature rating of 90 ° or 105 ° C Single layer EPDM or neoprene thermoset insulation. Solder cables are thermoset (as opposed to thermoplastics) to better resist solder splashes. The rated voltage of the cable is usually 600 volts, but the rated voltage is 100 volts. Solder cables are renowned for their flexibility and durability, and many automatic and manual soldering applications require cables to be repeatedly moved over rough surfaces.

The two main types of welding are resistance welding and arc welding. In both types of welding, welding cables are used to power the electrodes. Resistance welding is the process used to fuse the two overlapping metals together by the electrical resistance of the material. Metal is placed between two electrodes and a low voltage, high current is passed from one point to another. The metal resists the flow of current and the heat generated thereby fuses the metal together.

Arc welding is the process of generating an arc between a substrate and an electrode using a welding power source. Arc melting electrode, the remaining metal for welding. The arc is maintained by blowing an inert gas, such as argon, between the electrode and the welding surface.

Current carrying capacity, also known as current carrying capacity or current rating, is the maximum amount of current that a cable can safely carry without exceeding its rated operating temperature due to the loss of heat around the cable and ambient heat. Weld cable current carrying capacity is a common cause of confusion as it is calculated differently than other types of wires and therefore appears to have a higher current carrying capacity than products such as building wires or tray cables but these are only suitable for welding applications. Correctly finish the cable size selection of welding cable Consider welding machine output power, duty cycles and other factors and circuit length.

The rated output of the welding power supply determines the maximum current of the power supply during operation. The size of the cable must be able to withstand the maximum current.

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