Why You Need a Speaker Cable


While most of the modern gadgets we rely on appear wire […]

While most of the modern gadgets we rely on appear wireless, behind the scenes things like smart phones, Wi-Fi, and tablets, require miles of wires and cables to operate. When it comes to supplying the perfect cables and wires for the modern digitized and online landscape, one-size definitely does not fit all. Finding a cable with all the capabilities that you need, and not one with more features than you'll use, can really help you optimize your system without breaking your budget.

Quality Speaker Cable preserve the dynamic, detailed sound of the original recording. Even good cables can't really improve or enhance what's recorded on a disc. But poorly made cables can actually limit the frequencies you'll hear at the high and low end, resulting in sound that's flat and uninvolving. When shopping for better audio cables, it's a good idea to look for:

Cables that use an oxygen-free copper (OFC) center conductor — it's more likely to pass signals accurately, with minimal signal loss.

The best shielding you can afford to combat interference. Cables that include two separate shields — one made of braided copper, to guard against RFI, and one made of foil, to guard against EMI — help keep annoying buzz or hum from polluting the signal.

Good connectors that provide constant, high-pressure contact with your components' jacks. If the cable you're considering uses metal connectors, look for gold-plating to prevent corrosion and maintain reliable, high-quality signal transfer. See more: http://www.china-cables.net/

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